Tips For Winter Driving In Colorado With Outdoor Adventure Quest

Tips For Winter Driving In Colorado With Outdoor Adventure Quest

Tips For Winter Driving In Colorado

Driving is part of being an American. Sure, buses and trains can be quite helpful in getting around, but at the end of the day, it’s still fun to get behind the wheel and just drive. Besides, having a car makes it much easier to go shopping and meet friends.

However, driving in Colorado can sometimes be troublesome. That’s especially true in winter. Although the snow here melts quickly, you are still going to be driving down roads covered in snow and ice. That can be dangerous, but not if you approach these roads carefully. Read on to learn more about winter driving in Colorado.

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Winter In Colorado

If you are not from Colorado, you might be worrying about the weather. After all, the Rocky Mountains run through the state. But as reports, the winters in the Centennial State can be mild compared to many parts of the country. The average high is 45 degrees, and some outdoor restaurants stay open all year around. It also tends to be drier, so the humidity isn’t as bad.

When it comes to snow, it really depends on where in the state you will be driving. For example, Denver gets an average of 54 inches of snow each year. However, mountain towns like Aspen or Steamboat Springs can get closer to 200 inches of snow! That’s why driving in the Colorado winters can be tricky.

These Are Always A Problem

Before you start trying to figure out how to turn when skidding down an icy road, there are two problems that every driver needs to be aware of: being distracted and being aggressive.

Distracted driving means you aren’t paying attention to the road. For many people, that’s due to eating, talking, or using your phone while driving. Even if you think you can text and drive, you simply cannot do both. That’s especially true for driving on Colorado’s roads in the winter.

Meanwhile, Daniel R. Rosen explains that aggressive driving is when you let your anger get ahold of you while behind the wheel. This leads to running red lights, following people too closely, and failing to yield. All of these behaviors are dangerous at any time of year, but with road conditions worsened by winter, aggressive driving is a very bad idea.

Solutions To Common Winter Problems

Even with driving attentive and calm, the snowy Colorado winters can give you problems on the road. Westword as a great list of Colorado winter driving tips to help you stay safe. The biggest tip is to drive slower than usual. You might think your skills are good enough, but ice can be invisible. Plus, you have to consider the skills of the other drivers on the road.

In addition, make sure you keep your lights on low. Bright beams can blind you because they reflect the fallen snow. Remember that visibility decreases when it snows, which is another reason to drive more slowly.

If you do find yourself skidding on an icy road, the Denver Post explains that you should stop using the gas pedal and loosely hold the steering wheel. Look to where you want the car to be headed and then gently steer that way like normal. And if you want to avoid skidding in the first place, drive slowly and do not slam on your brakes.

Stay Safe On Colorado Roads

In this state, you need to be careful when driving during winter. Even though the snow tends to disappear quickly, there’s still a lot falling each season. Make sure you are not being aggressive or distracted behind the wheel, and when conditions are bad, drive more slowly than you normally do.

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