500 + Challenge Tasks

12 Categories of Outdoor Sports

3 Days

1 State

Best Digitally Powered Adventure EVER!


3 day multi-sport BUILD-YOUR-OWN Adventure Challenge App that digitally provides you 500+ challenge tasks in 12 outdoor sport categories to take a stab at over 3 days in 1 state

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard of Pokemon Go. And remember The Amazing Race? Well if the two of them got together, their love child would be Outdoor Adventure Quest!

There are some great races out there, like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Color Runs, etc. And they are a blast! But only a small portion of your friends might be runners. Outdoor Adventure Quest allows you to build a team with friends that love ALL outdoor sports!

Best part about the Quest? You can start anywhere in the state!!! No more driving to a metro area for a major event. We built an app so the event comes to wherever you choose to adventure!

So many ways to build your team for a Quest.

IDEA 1: Grab some friends that are all into the same sport, say rock climbing, and knock out all the climbing challenges as your adventure.

IDEA 2: Mixed Bag approach! Get teammates that are into everything from off-roading and camping to kayaking and horseback riding!

IDEA 3: Bucket List it! Use the Quest as a reason to try all new things! Never been to an archery range? Go! Want to learn more about survival skills? Do it! Always wanted to see natural hot springs? Go soak! This adventure is all yours, so make it what you want.

It’s an adults (18years+) excuse to get outside and compete against like-minded outdoor enthusiasts acorss the state! A live scoreboard will update you on just how awesome or lackluster your team is. With 4 different ways to win there’s a competition for all levels!

How Do You Adventure?

Our team of Adventure Ambassadors along with our Sponsors and Partners work hard to bring you some of the most unique, adventurous and epic challenges we can think of!


Need some motivation to go on your next adventure? Want to follow some cool peeps and their journeys? Or just want to bone up on some outdoor skills? You came to the right place!