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Build Your Own Adventure

We provide the challenge tasks, you create the adventure!

3 action-packed days with a group of friends road-tripping and exploring all over the state. During this unforgettable adventure you’ll get to experience new activities, learn new skills, see some epic places and foster that competitive spirit that burns in all of us.

If your team is full of all avid climbers, then pick all challenge items with killer places to climb! Got a mixed crew, then try a little of everything! Teach each other different sports and do activities you’ve never done before. Extreme athletes? We even have a category for you!

Everyone’s adventure will be exactly what their teams build. So get creative! Go big! Try new stuff! Learn new skills. Most of all, adventure adventure adventure!

  • Accept The Challenge
  • Gather Your Team & Grab Your “Go” bags. Pack for anything and be ready for everything!
  • Download our Adventure App and wait for 48 hours before the Quest to see the list of challenge tasks
  • Decide with your teammates what challenge tasks you want to accomplish on your adventure, Then you’re off!
  • Log all your adventures in our app with your photos and videos to rack up your total points earned


Our partners rock! They work hard to deliver you the best gear, experiences and adventure opportunities to peeps just like you. Check them out!