Sean is originally from Washington State, living there for only a little portion of his life. The rest of his life, home was aboard in Europe where his mindset and methods to which he approaches life were able to develop at an early age. While he lived on the other side of the pond, his family was always motivated to travel to new lands to which they had never explored. Yearning to submerge their kin into a verity of cultures, experiences, places and individuals. Sean says this is where he found his obsession to seek and roam.

Sean is currently working at the local rock climbing gym in Durango, Colorado where he is pursuing his Geology degree. A very self-driven person – by the age of seventeen, Sean successfully completed a two-year program to become a certified Automotive Technician; at eighteen, he became a National Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America. Throughout high school, he was always very active in extracurricular and/or volunteer activities, and community service. These experiences allowed him to strengthen his communication, social, and technical skills.

His favorite hobby is Highlining, which is simply just like slacklining but higher up. It allows an individual to be in an air space that no one else has ever been before, and be conformable with it. Sean says it changed his life for the best, to say the least. He also has a passion for rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking and soon to be paragliding.

Sean follows the words of the late Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”