Quest Ambassador

Quest Ambassador

Always outdoors doing some epic stuff? Have a sense of adventure? Want to rep a cool event? Then QUEST WITH US!


It’s a 3 day multisport BUILD-YOUR-OWN Adventure Challenge. A digital event powered by an app that spans 1 state, 3 days, 12 outdoor sport disciplines and 500+ challenge tasks with varying points assigned to each. Participants can monitor just how badass or lackluster they are with a live in-app scoreboard that shows the scores of teams all over the state. Teams compete to win 4 different ways and for oodles of cool gear from our sponsors.


Besides the fact we are awesome, we have a few unique things that make us stand out from the crowd in the outdoor industry.

We aren’t corporate rather a small operation that is looking to grow rapidly in CO & AZ
We represent ALL outdoor sports, not just one type in one event
You’ll get to be one of the 1st to get behind a new digital concept that will take the vent circuit by storm in the next couple years
We take all our ambassadors opinions into account and would love to have regular contact with you to hear about your marketing, what’s new & hip and what OAQ can do to grow more in the community around you
We are super social so you can rep us from anywhere while you’re on your adventures


Multi-sport ambassadors that are active on social media
One sport professionals that compete or belong to a large training network and are active on social media
Connections to training groups, clubs, association members, social followers and brand sponsors
Development of challenge tasks for your sport in your area (5-20 tasks depending on sport)
Social postings at least 1x/week using designated OAQ hashtag
List in profile that you are Brand Ambassador for OAQ
Team cultivation for events
Participation in both either a summer or winter quest in 2017


OAQ tank/tee, stickers, hat and summit flag
Great gear & beer from our sponsors
Photo cred & tags in our social platforms
Promotion for your brand sponsors, clubs, gyms, or pertinent businesses that you support
Up to 5 FREE teams for you to give away for either summer or winter quest

OUR SPONSORS (not all pictured)

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0Hala LogoSka Brewing




sponsor-image (1)











Tell us why you are a perfect fit to represent our Questers. Please include photos, lists of brands you currently work with or represent, events you already participate in, any awards/placings you have received in competitions, sports you participate in and some fun facts that make you unique and wonderful.

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