Q&A with Travis Swaim: OAQ Ambassador

Q&A with Travis Swaim: OAQ Ambassador

How did you get involved with Carry the Load?

1. I actually got involved with Carry The Load from a friend I played kickball with in Scottsdale, Arizona. He knew me when I didn’t own a vehicle and biked every where, so he recommended me for the job and got me connected with one of the managers of Carry The Load for their National Relay.

How does this cycling adventure factor into your ultra running training?

2. This cycling adventure actually seemed to fall in the right place because my legs have been taking a beating from ultra running and all the training. This will definitely help give my legs a break from all the impact but will continue to utilize my core and leg muscles. I have also been able to get some running miles in during the slow times just to keep my speed and endurance up.

Are you riding alone the whole trip?

3. Fortunately, I do have a team and we actually do a relay style down the west coast, which consists mostly of biking with a few walks through some of the bigger cities. During my rides I am solo but I have a support vehicle that will trail me if need be. Due to my background in cycling I am scheduled to cover the majority of the bike miles overnight. 

Do you have a crew to help maintain your bike and for repairs?

4. We do have a team and support crew but each person typically maintains the bike they are riding. However, if it was a serious issue we would be able to get somebody to pick up the rider and get the bicycle fixed. We all work together to make meals and clean though.

What’s your biggest food craving while you’re riding?

5. I would say my biggest food craving while I’m biking changes quite a bit but usually I want salty foods. Also, there’s nothing like chocolate milk after a long ride.

Did you have to quit your job?

6. I didn’t have to quit my job because I am only working part time right now. I recently took some time off to pursue my running and some other ventures so this West Coast National Relay actually is working out really well.

What kind of bike are you riding?

7. I am actually riding Carry The Loads bike because mine was recently stolen 🙁 However, it is a Giant road bike.

How are you handling weather? Any unique gear needed?

8. So far the weather has been really cold coming through Washington and Oregon. It dropped into freezing temperatures a few nights, which has slowed us down a bit but we have been able to keep up with all the schedules and meet the biking deadlines.

No special gear, just lots of layers and warm drinks!

What is your best memory in nature?

9. Well I have always enjoyed nature and I have some really great stories and memories from trips along the way. One of my favorites for this trip so far is during one of the stops near Myrtle Creek, OR a few of us jumped into 40ish degree cold water which was crazy and the landscape all around us was completely and absolutely gorgeous.


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