Partner Offer: Polar Bottle discounts

Partner Offer: Polar Bottle discounts


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What you drink has a sizable impact on the health (or not) of your diet. Water is a 0 calorie, 0 additive and a 0 sugar alternative to sodas and juices and high calorie snacks. Drinking the right amount of water for your build ensures you digest efficiently and can also help reduce appetite if taken before or during meals.

It is super important to drink between 70 and 90 ounces of water per day!

Between the morning coffee, afternoon energy drinks and happy hour cocktails your fluid consumption may be significant, but chances are your body isn’t getting enough water. Roughly 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Even mild dehydration has a variety of negative effects on your mental state and your physical body.


Disposable water bottles cause enormous environmental damage as over 80% of the millions used every day end up in landfills. Buying a reusable water bottle saves hundreds of disposable water bottles from ending up in a landfill every year.

Plus, Polar Bottle water bottles are BPA-free (unlike disposables) and stay cool for twice as long even if you leave it in the car on a warm day. Being Made in USA, Polar Bottle reusable water bottles also have a smaller carbon footprint than imported reusable water bottles. Polar Bottle plastic bottles are recyclable – though our dishwasher safe construction and free cap replacement program means they are designed to last and stay fresh for years!










Polar Bottle offers a range of bottles for different activities. 

SPORT: Sport was the first Polar Bottle product. In fact, it was the first original insulated sport bottle on the market. Design changes and improvements have changed the look and feel of the bottle over the years. However, one thing remains the same — nothing performs like the original. You can find it in different sizes: 12oz, 20oz, 24oz and 42oz.

ZIPSTREAM: The Zipstream cap features a self-sealing valve. The valve’s design prevents the bottle from leaking even in the open position, and allows pressure to build inside the bottle when squeezed — releasing a powerful burst of water. There are two types, Breakaway (20oz and 24oz) and Color Series (NEW, 24oz).

ERGO: This premier lifestyle bottle was designed with the same reflective insulation technology as the original Polar Bottle Sport. However, thanks to the bottle’s harder plastic material, the 22oz Polar Bottle Ergo is Hot and Cold compatible — keeping your drink fresh more than twice as long as single wall bottles. There are three Ergo lines: Aurora, Spectrum and Stealth.

THERMALUXE: This 21oz premium vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle is designed to endure hot and cold conditions to keep your beverage fresh — no matter the adventure. Keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.



CENOTE: the first hydration system with disposable reservoirs that are easy to recycle and affordable to replace. Durable, but priced even for a single use, Cenote makes cleaning optional. It comes in two sizes: 2-Liter and 3-Liter.


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