Off-road 4×4 Tips to Arrive at The Best Remote Camping Locations

Off-road 4×4 Tips to Arrive at The Best Remote Camping Locations

If hopping on your 4×4 and heading deep into nature is something that appeals to you, you’re going to love checking out these great camping locations across the U.S. that aren’t easily accessible and offer some of the most spectacular views of mother nature that you may ever see. If seclusion sounds good to you, here are a few of the best off-road and well off the beaten path camp spots that you won’t want to miss.


This amazing trail ride is a little over five hours southwest of Denver and spans 65-miles to pass over spacious mountainous area, historic mining towns, biking trails and plenty of rugged terrain to have lots of fun on your 4×4. It is best to venture onto this trail in the late spring and throughout the summer but you may want to avoid Colorado driving during the winter because chances are the loop will be closed down due to the heavy snowfalls and bitter cold weather. The Alpine Loop is one the most famous trails in Colorado and is a great way to feel one with nature as it is not a heavily populated area at all. Once you ride deep into the wilderness, you will find ample spots to hop off your 4×4 and pitch a tent and sleep a night or two under the stars. It is advised to let others know where you are heading and try to stay on track during this ride because it is easy to get lost.



One of the most scenic trails in Utah is the White Rim Trail and it spans for just over 100 miles of rugged terrain and breathtaking views. During this excursion you will be able to see towers, buttes, sandstone arches and beautiful views of the Green and Colorado Rivers. This is a hot and dry area so be sure to take along an ample supply of fresh water because you’re going to need it during the ride and throughout your time spent camping. You can book a campsite along the trail or even pitch a tent off the beaten path.


RUBICON TRAIL (California)

Located near Pollock Pines about 80 miles east of Sacramento, Rubicon Trail is a challenging 4×4 trail that stays busy most of the year although it is best to check it out in the summer. It’s known as a difficult trail and you should have rocker guards and a lift installed on your ride. Reaching elevations up to 7000 feet means that you’re going to see spectacular views. Unless your 4×4 is fully equipped with guards and big tires (at least 32-33 inches) it may be in your best interest to avoid this trail until you can ride with a secure vehicle. This is a ride of a lifetime and you’re sure to meet quite a few other faithful riders on the trail. There are many spots to stop and camp on the Rubicon Trail but make sure you have ample supplies in your go bag including water, a first aid kit and plenty of fuel for your 4×4 to make it back from the trail ride. This is one of the most beautiful rides in California and you’ll get to spend time feeling at one with nature as you climb high, sit by the blue waters and breathe in the fresh air of the wilderness as it engulfs you.


Starting in the beautiful state of Tennessee, Wheelin’ In the Country is a privately owned off-road park that takes 4×4 riding to the next level. Located in Summertown, Tennessee, this remote 4×4 fantasyland offers off-road adventure for all ages and all experience levels. Whether you’ve been riding for years or you’re just beginning, you can ride through some of the deepest hollows, rocky paths, mud filled trails and ravines in the area and once you’re finished with the ride, you can settle down in a rugged campsite or even a cozy cabin. RV hookups are available, and you can access electric, water and septic during your stay. The owners charge a fee to access the property and for RV, bunkhouse or cabin camping but primitive camping can be done for free. Be sure to grab your friends and your 4×4’s and head to Tennessee for some rugged fun in the woods! To contact the owners to book some time on the property, you can call: (931) 964-3417


Chattahoochee-Oconee National , Georgia

Located in the heart of Georgia, this southern forest is beaming with great trail rides, waterfalls and amazing scenery. The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest ideal for 4×4 riders with intermediate to advanced riding skills and offers the most majestic views in Georgia. This forest is more than 867,000 acres and spans all the way across 26 counties in the state. You can ride through and will see historical sites as well as several campgrounds throughout the forest. There are many back-country trails and rugged areas to take your 4×4 and whether you want to rent a campsite or just pitch a tent at the end of a long day of trail riding, you’re going to love your time in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.


Now that warm weather is finally beginning to permeate through the chillier areas of the country, it’s a good time to have your 4×4 checked out to make sure all maintenance is up to date and that it is ready to ride when you venture out. If you’re planning to ride the trails in more than one spot this summer, be sure to secure state to state transportation so you can easily get your 4×4 from one place to another safely. No matter where you plan to get in your trail riding this year, be sure to take precautions to stay safe and well hydrated whether you’re riding near others or you choose to take off to those spectacular remote areas of the country.

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