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Who doesn’t want to build their own adventure??? To give you some motivation, we are making it a competition with some epic prizes. But to be honest, the adventure itself will be a prize. 3 adventure packed days with a group of friends road-tripping and exploring all over the state. On this quest you’ll get to do the activities that you and your fellow Questers choose. Is your team all avid climbers, then pick all challenge tasks with killer places to climb! Got a mixed crew, then try it all! Teach each other different sports and activities they’ve never done before. Who knows, you might even pick up a new hobby in the process!



HIKING               BIKING               CLIMBING               RAFT/PADDLE               CAMPING              

OUTDOOR EDUCATION               EXTREME               DRIVING/OFF-ROAD          

HOT SPRINGS               ALTERNATIVE                   BREWERIES


Getting Started is Easy:

Register for Quest on Eventbrite and download our app

Once you have the app, log in and you’ll have access to giveaways, contests and more leading up to the Quest

2 days prior to the event all the challenge tasks are released

When Quest begins choose the tasks your team wants to accomplish.

After accomplishing task, upload photos/videos to prove your team did the task. Share with your friends to show them what a badass you are.

Some of our tasks have bonus questions for a chance to win extra points.

A live, in-app scoreboard keeps track of all the teams competing in your state