HALA Gear brings new innovation to paddleboards and SUP

HALA Gear brings new innovation to paddleboards and SUP

In the world of paddle boarding, stand up paddling, yoga and paddle boards, white water paddling and so on and so on… there are soooo many choices when it comes to gear. Before I met HALA Gear, I had another multi-use board. I had no idea what I was missing when I got an a HALA for the first time. Not only are their boards legit… they have killer paddles and a super unique fin that’s PERFECT for river and shallow water paddling. I honestly can’t really say enough about this brand. I was just at Outdoor Retailer Summerfest 2016 and boy was there a million paddleboard companies! Without education, time on boards and some insider knowledge it would be seriously hard to tell the difference. Below are some details on why HALA absolutely KICKS ASS in the paddle industry… read on and you will likely be a converter and new brand loyalist like we are!

First, let’s start with how awesome their staff and Ambassadors are. #GirlCrush and #Badassery

hala sup

And after we get over our complete envy of their Instagram, we can focus on the important stuff… like awards!!! They pretty much DOMINATED paddle board innovation and performance categories at OR this year!


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And in case you aren’t convinced yet… here are some photos for awesomeness and fun!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.29.15 AM


And my fav…. the best crew in paddle boarding (minus their awesome Marketing gal Jen…we missed ya girl)!


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.48.58 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.28.19 AM


Here’s some other peeps that think HALA is the shiznit!


Want to experience HALA Gear for yourself? Get together a team of 2-6 peeps and compete in the Outdoor Adventure Quest! HALA will be giving away some killer gear, prizes and some great offers! Get your teams here! Good luck and #QuestWithUs