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You have questions? We have answers!


Simple! Click Events, choose the state where you would like to participate in the Quest, click Register Here (let’s capitalize Here on the site if it’s not already done), and fill in the details. Then gather your teammates and get excited!
This event is 21+ only. Sorry youngsters, some challenges may include establishments where beer and booze is served. Participants are not required to consume alcohol at any point.
Anyone who loves adventure and appreciates all of what nature has to offer. This adventure can be as low-key or intense as your team chooses. We do suggest that participants have a general ability to be active. The Quest, while customizable, is still a killer 3 days. You need to be up for awesome road trips and trying new stuff!
Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6. We suggest that your team piles into one car for maximum road trip fun and environmental friendliness.
The max is 6 people per team, so you’ll have to split into two or more teams. 
Congrats! You’re officially a Quester! Now that you’re registered, you need to find more Questers to join your team. You need at least 1 more person to join you on this adventure. Have them register and then we suggest a pow-wow to discuss plans. Decide what types of activities each of you like to do, want to do, and have the gear and ability to do.
If you can’t find anyone who is quite as adventurous as you, go ahead and register for the event and send us a separate email letting us know.  We will set you up with another solo participant to go on the quest with! This way you get to participate, and bonus, you get to meet a fellow adventure seeker. If for any reason we aren’t able to pair you up we will refund you in full. 
We can’t make you sleep, but we definitely encourage it!  Being fellow adventure junkies, we understand how tempting it is to power through and complete as many challenges as possible, but safety is of the utmost importance too.  For that reason the app is essentially shut down and no posts can be made between 12 am and 5 am

Leading up to the Quest

You are not required to purchase any gear to participate in this Quest.  We highly recommend using gear you already own or borrowing from family or friends.  The goal is to have a good time, not spend a lot of money.  The gear your team will use depends on the tasks you choose.  There are challenges covering all types of outdoor sport, so prepare to bring anything you can get your hands on. Your team will receive the challenge list 48 hours prior to the start, so you can use that time to gather what you need. 
Anything and everything! Hiking, biking, trail running, cycling, climbing, camping, paddling, rafting, exploring, adventuring, sand boarding, parkour, yoga, acrobatics, etc. There are also some exceptional opportunities to witness some unique parks, wildlife, trails, and places you’ve probably never even heard of!
Yes of course! We don’t dictate where you go. The state is your playground so go wherever you choose. Gear up at home, buy things you want, borrow from a friend, etc. Whatever allows you to get out to adventure!
Anything, everything, and the unexpected! Be ready for all of what nature has to offer…challenges with weather, wildlife, etc.  A few challenges that have nothing to do with nature, like traffic and road construction/closures.  Oh, and you should probably choose your team wisely…you do have to spend 3 days non-stop with them, so expect that too.
Absolutely! We work hard on finding unique and super awesome challenges but we can’t possibly scour every single trail, climb, and expedition out there. You can submit your ideas here (insert link). Thanks!


During your Adventure

The app will continue to add your points as you submit your pics and videos. Keep in mind we review all of your pics and videos once the Quest is complete to make sure they meet the requirements.
Once you complete each tasks you’ll be able to share your awesome photos and videos to Facebook and Instagram
No, the Quest is designed specifically for your state.  Your team will not be awarded the points if the pic/video is taken in a different state.
Wherever your team ends up at the conclusion of the race. 
Prior to the Quest please submit all questions via the website or message us on the Facebook page.  If you run into trouble during the race message us on Facebook and we will respond with a message or phone call ASAP.  In the event of an emergency dial 911 immediately!


Technical Issues

During the race you may end up in some pretty remote locations meaning no service, we understand, we sent you there.  If there is still plenty of time left in the Quest go ahead and wait until you get to a location where you do have service and try posting again.  If you’re down to the wire and you know you won’t make it in time to find service before the Quest ends, take a screen shot/pic of your pic/video and make sure it includes the time and date (get creative if need be) and email Outdooradventurequest.com the screen shot/pic and the original pic/video to us for inclusion in the Quest.  This must be done by 11:59 pm (local time) the night the Quest concludes.
Yes, as long as you upload your pics/videos to the OAQ App, Facebook, and Instagram your team is earning points toward victory.  Make sure your phone has good service, then try closing the app and reopening to see if this fixes the problem.  If that doesn’t work and you are concerned feel free to shoot us a message using the Facebook Messenger.


Post Adventure Challenge

We know you are as anxious as we are to find out which team of Questers is the winner, so we’ll hurry!  The winners are announced by the Friday following the conclusion of the race.
Winners are contacted via email to collect all their awesome prizes!


What’s next