The Bisbee Department of Tourism is partnering with Outdoor Adventure Quest to bring over 500 outdoor challenges to people all throughout the state of Arizona. This in-app adventure quest challenges people to get a team of 2-6 together and build their own challenges based on what the participating areas create. The Bisbee Department of Tourism is hard at work creating the best challenges for Bisbee’s area and surrounding Cochise County. The list of challenges will be released two days before the adventure begins on December 8th. The tasks include rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking, outdoor education, alternative outdoorsmen, extreme sports, drinkables and more. This outdoor quest brings together technology and nature to create a three-day adventure all over the state of Arizona. The challenges are run entirely through an app which will track all participant’s progress throughout the three-day event. All the challenges are assigned different point values based on the skill level and accessibility of the activity, so the more points you gain the closer you are to winning. There is no start or finish line so anyone from around the state can join and enjoy the competition. We invite everyone to get a team together, register online, and get ready to experience some of the local favorite outdoor and drinking challenges all around Bisbee and Cochise County. Follow our Instagram feed for details; @discoverbisbee