And The AZ Quest Winners Are….

And The AZ Quest Winners Are….

Thanks to everyone that took part in our very first Arizona Summer Quest! There are 4 ways to win so we’ve broken them down below. Of course we started with the big one… the point winners!

Here are how the scores ended up.

  • Please note these scores differ from the scoreboard in the app. Due to technical difficulties with the scoreboard in the app, OAQ staffers manually updated team’s task count and scores.

POINTS WINNER: Ninja Piglets: 1,110 points / 95 tasks

Crazy Sock Monkeys: 901 points / 76 tasks









Spicy Virgos and their bland friends: 821 points / 75 tasks









Wander-ful: 747 points / 66 tasks







Wild Tribe: 737 points / 57 tasks







Skin2Win: 690 points









Crazy Pear: 665 points / 54 tasks








Dexter: 627 points / 52 tasks

Free Tribe:  581 points / 48 tasks







Gott Game:   565 points



PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS: Spicy Virgos and Their Bland Friends 

There are so many great ones to choose from! You all took some great photos and we loved reviewing them all, but one team stood out above the rest with their colorful photos.



















We’ve heard of adventure dogs but Dexter takes the cake! His tiny little paws took him all over the state to swim in lakes, bathe in waterfalls, enjoy a sunrise beer toast and even to a little dance on tax day! Check out more of his journey on the AZ Quest below! Can’t wait for Dexter (and his teammates) to Quest with us again.




















OAQ STAFF PICK WINNERS: Wander-ful & Winslow

We have another 4-legged friend that helped his team to victory! Winslow is a loveable, adventurous, inflatable turtle that made his way to all corners of the state. He started his Quest at the AZ State Parks office to pick up his parks pass and then off he went! Quest fans used his hashtag #WinslowsQuest to follow along with him. At one point there was even a #WinslowsQuestHasEnded moment!!! Luckily his team informed us he was still alive.



















HONORABLE MENTION: Crazy Sock Monkeys!!!

They were in the lead on the scoreboard for most of the Quest and they rocked it! Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties on the Ninja Piglet’s side, their scores were not logging so that meant Crazy Sock Monkeys actually finished second, despite their lead on the scoreboard. But hey… they still scored some polar bottles & Pep Pods for coming to meet Lindsey, OAQ Founder, at AZ on the Rocks. We hope to see some more of Crazy Sock Monkeys this winter!











Colorado Summer Quest registration is OPEN! July 14-16th CLICK HERE to join the Quest

BONUS: Register now and you’ll get a preview of the tasks closest to AZ in Durango and Telluride! It’s only a 6 hour drive from Phoenix. Why not beat the July heat for a weekend and head up to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado!!! You won’t be disappointed… we PROMISE! Colorado has a whole different landscape with totally unique adventures that you won’t find in AZ.

Next Arizona Quest is Dec 8-10th. Registration is OPEN but only for our previous questers. SO JUMP ON IT AND REGISTER NOW! CLICK HERE!  Early bird will be $25 and prices will go up to $50 leading up to the Quest so be sure to register early!  Join the facebook event for updates.

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