Five Survival Tips That Might Keep You Alive…

Five Survival Tips That Might Keep You Alive…

We love letting our partners be the expert on their gear and stuff they do everyday. With that in mind, we asked survivalist David Michael Scott of Fire Heart Adventures to give us his top 5 tips to surviving in the wilderness. Hope you’ll never have to use these, but it’s always good to have the knowledge just in case something happens on your next adventure quest.


Survival is the art of being creative with what you have. Your greatest survival item is your brain. Somewhere in the cavernous head of yours you have some bit of knowledge that will help you in whatever situation you find yourself in. You only need to access it.

  1. Don’t Panic: Fear and panic will kill you faster than an angry grizzly. Once you realize that you are in a survival situation, pause and take a breath before you do anything. You are smart. You have skills. Take inventory of your gear and your situation. Make a plan, then act!
  2. Build A Camp: Most survival situations are over within 72 hours. You only need to survive for three days! (Usually) Build a shelter, make a fire, find water and create passive and active signals. You don’t even need to worry about food.
  3. Survival Trumps All: Still want to leave no trace? Screw it, you could die son! Make a huge fire! (Not a forest fire…) Dig large trenches for signals! Cut down trees if you need to! Do anything you need to do to survive. This involves eating bugs and drinking untreated water if necessary.
  4. Stay Put: Don’t wander around looking for rescue, let them find you. Focus on your camp. Focus on staying warm. Focus on building signals.
  5. Build Many Signals: The greater the trace you leave in your general vicinity, the more likely the rescuers will find it. Everything you have, from your coat to your tarp is potentially a signal. (Only if you don’t need it to stay warm) If you use brush or dig trenches, make your SOS 12’ tall and 18’ feet wide. The bigger the better!

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This post was written by David Michael Scott:

David Michale Scott

David spent his years living as a wilderness guide, a Peace Corps volunteer, and a math teacher before encountering yoga as a means to integrate life lessons and heal from the trauma of the past. Wilderness education has been David’s passion since 1996 when he began his first teaching role as a kayak instructor. From that moment until now David has taught, trained, and worked in the wilderness in some capacity. David’s formal training includes trips with the National Outdoor Leadership School, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Rabbit-stick Rendezvous, Slick Rock Gathering, a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education from Idaho State University, and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

You can connect with David and his company on his Facebook Page and via his website. OH and check out his summer rafting trips coming up!!! You could learn some valuable rafting skills you’ll no doubt use on the Colorado Adventure Quest coming up in August.