5 Reasons To Try Rock Climbing…OUTSIDE

5 Reasons To Try Rock Climbing…OUTSIDE

Written by: Golden Mountain Guides for OAQ

Since the 1950’s, rock climbing has steadily increased in popularity and is at an all time high.  More people venture into the climbing gym now than ever before.  Sport climbing will be in the next Olympics!  If you’ve ever thought about trying rock climbing, now’s the time.  Most people experience the thrill for the first time inside and that’s great.  However, here are five reasons to experience rock climbing outdoors.
Nobody likes to be inside when it’s 80 degrees and sunny!
If you’re like me, cabin fever sets in very quickly.  It’s tough to be inside when the weather outdoors is perfect.  Hard to go wrong with good friends and awesome scenery!

Want a self-confidence boost?
It’s been a rough week at work and you’re feeling a little down in the dumps.  Time for a boost!  One of the best reasons to climb is the feeling of empowerment you get as you scale impossible looking cliffs.  Just think…if you can climb that, you can do anything!

Be a part of the tribe
It’s a pretty cool feeling to be able to go anywhere in the world and connect with someone over something as hard as a rock (no pun intended).  Everyone wants to be a part of something greater than themselves, and climbers are no different.  They put thousands of hours each year into trail work, trash cleanups, and community stewardship efforts, both locally and abroad.

Use cool climbing words
Some of the best are: crampons, nuts, grovelling, hexcentric, and of course jugs!

A great, full body workout
After a long day of climbing, your fingers will ache, your forearm muscles won’t be able to hold onto your beer, and your brain will feel like you just completed 900 of the world’s most difficult math problems.  Rock climbing is great for both a physical and mental workout!
So now’s your chance!  As the weather gets even warmer, why not get outside and experience what all the hype is about.  Find a local gym (when it’s cold) or hire a guide and see what you’ve been missing!

Ben climbing in Golden, CO

Ben Coryell is an owner of Golden Mountain Guides and a Colorado Climbing ambassador for Outdoor Adventure Quest. He spends over 300 days outside each year and is a big proponent that rock climbing is for everyone. More on Ben’s ambassador page HERE